"It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door" … "You step into the Road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to."
~ Bilbo Baggins from The Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkein

Lovely Folks We Have Met - Part 2

More Lovely Folks We've Encountered Along the Way 
(hopefully with most recent at the top)

Beth and Bruce Will's neighbors. Met a the Valley Lodge where we celebrated the
end of our month long adventure by watching the Blackhawks win the 2015 Stanley Cup.
Thanks Bruce for all your dedicated interest. Next time - you get to go!

Sara at Bluffington's in Lake Bluff a frequent Evanston Bike Club hangout and our
last stop on this around the lake adventure. Thanks for years of friendly smiles.
Daphney at the Harbourwalk Hotel in Racine. Daphney recognized us from two months ago
when we stayed there on our trial run. Thanks for remembering. Thanks for the service.
And thanks for the enthusiasm about our adventure.

Tammy - our helpful clerk in Port Washington

Lorelei & JP with daughters Felicity & August
JP is a post-doc biologist at Northwestern University in Evanston
the family lives in Racine so John commutes by Metra.
Hope to run into you in Evanston one day.

Linda Nisleit, owner and host at NISLEIT'S in Port Washington
Thanks for a really great meal and such friendly service

Mike & Susan - caretakers for 8 years at the
Wind Point Lighthouse just north of
Racine. Wonderful gardens in a beautiful setting
Timothy & Sophie from Chicago along the Ozaukee Interurban trail
headed to Sheboygan, Green Bay and then north to the Porcupine Mountains
 in the UP. Camping all the way- phew stay dry and good riding
Heather our very helpful clerk in Manitowoc.

Dan at Sheboygan Indian Mound Park - planning on bicycling along the Wisconsin River.

Will with Mary at the Hotel Stebbins in Algoma
Thanks for all those towels Mary. Really needed to dry off the bikes after an afternoon of rain

With Bill and Jason, father and son riding north from Milwaukee to Sister Bay
Unfortunately they we're facing a headwind while we were riding a
tailwind going south. But, still I'm so JEALOUS they get to ride together.
Natalie at the Ahnapee Brewery Tap Room in Algoma, WI. Will really enjoyed sampling
all the interesting beers. Suzie enjoyed the Stout. Can we ship some home?

Christina is the sales distribution manager and runs the tasting room
at Island Harbor Cider in Ellison Bay. Will said that particular hard cider
selection "was the bomb!"
Will with Jennifer & Cassandra on the Washington Island Ferry. The two, partners in the
Aging Disability Resource Center were headed to the island to hold an open house for the residents. 

Jeanne and Ward moored at the Washington Island harbor waiting for a little warmer weather
as they head north to the Straights of Mackinaw and beyond

Maria and Sherri at the Washington Island Ferry Dock, headed back to the main land
after walking 15 or so miles on the island - more than we did on our bikes. Oh to be young again!

Jim and Rick a/k/a "DA's" here on business from Minneapolis. Rick had ridden a very HEAVY
mountain bike up and back from Egg Harbor that morning before enjoying
a delicious breakfast in Sturgeon Bay. 

Amanda and her daughter Xenia relaxing at the Frank E. Murphy County Park.
Just moved back home from Northern California to be close to the grandparents.
Congrats on the new baby due next month!
Dan - new owner of the Edge of the Park Bike Shop in Fish Creek. Thanks for the use of
your pump, the encouragement and fine photo taking. Have a GREAT season with that
splendid shop.

Rosemary a volunteer with the Peshtigo Fire Museum. Even though we didn't have much time,
thanks for directing us to the historical marker and cemetery, they were very moving

Tim and Mike, son and father, fishing for Catfish along the Fox River, will be returning to
their home in Elk Rapids, MI where we came from about a week ago. They tell us that
the American Pelicans we've been seeing that evening have been here for only
about 5 years. The historically polluted Fox River must be making somewhat of
a come back!
Nick our server at Titletown Brewery. Even though they were out of the
Dark Helmet Schwarzbier featured on his T-shirt we still enjoyed a
fabulous meal outside as the sun set along the Fox River.  We are grateful for
Nick's many years of service in the National Guard and
wish him well here in his home town.
Bob, Martha and Evan at the Dockside in Oconto Harbor. Just recently moved to
Menomonee, Mi from New Hampshire. Interested in exploring some of the
places on my list of "sacred Lake Michigan sites." 
Ed & Marguerite, our gracious and informative hosts at the Marinette Historical Museum.
Thanks for the tour of the saw mill and all the great information on lumber camps.

Skyler and Bill from the Cycle Path Bike Shop in Menomonee - thanks for the new tires
Bill from Gladstone, MI outside the welcome sight of an A&W Rootbeer stand. Bill likes to do
metal detecting along the shores of Lake Michigan and even started a club, yoopercoinshooters in his home town. Good luck with your hunting Bill
Rolf Stengl - from Calgary, Canada also doing a circuit tour around Lake Michigan.
Started in Chicago but headed clockwise - the opposite direction we're going. He faced a headwind
while we're enjoying a monster tailwind.

John - riding his motorcycle from Harbor Springs, MI across the UP and down to Wisconsin Dells to
meet up with friends for some great Wisconsin riding
John, the "cormorant hunter" we met in Nahma
Brittney, our host, chef and barkeep at Michihistrigan Campground.
A student at University of Michigan at Marquette, she does a beautiful dance at the bar
keeping her customers happy and a close eye on the till. Thanks for a fun evening!

Ronnie, his wife and friend Keith at Michihistrigan campground
Ronnie grew up in the UP, worked for GM in southern Mighican and came back home when he retired
Ronnie and his friends welcomed us that evening, included us in their games and made us feel
right at home. Thanks for the beer.

Jane & Jack - met at convenience store in Gulliver along Route 2
She's moving from Michigan to Wyoming and needs to get there before the end of the week
By that time we'll only be in Marinette!

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