"It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door" … "You step into the Road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to."
~ Bilbo Baggins from The Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkein

Lovely Folks We Have Met

One of the best parts of our trip is meeting all kinds of lovely folks along the way. 

(In rough order of appearance - most recent ones are LAST)

Ken and Christine from Indian Dunes tourism - met us at Indiana Dunes State Park

A couple from Germany who took the South Shore line down from Chicago to visit the Dunes for the day

Jeff an iron worker from Racine - rescued us on our trial run
to Oconomowoc, WI when I lost a bolt from my rack
Mary and Carolyn from Valparaiso, In riding back home from New Buffalo
Cindy - our helpful desk clerk in Montague

Katelynn - the 24/7 Park Ranger at Covert County Park

Kerry & Mary - our Adventure Cycling contacts in Holland. Little did we know ahead of time, we'd been on a two-week
cycling trip with them 36 years ago. - Bicycling makes for a SMALL world
Will with Luke, Josh, Craig & Gregg at Grand Haven City Park Beach

Max McGee, our guide to a great hot dog place in Muskegon 
Suzette & Keith, our hosts at Summer's Inn in Ludington
John & Jenice from Arizona - traveling by car to Nova Scotia via Badger Car Ferry from Manitowoc to Ludington

Chuck and his son Mark - welcoming us to a now closed convenience store just south of Manistee - regaled us with
tales of guitar playing and long distance cycling
The Millers 

Jeff, Rick and celebration crew at the Marathon convenience store on Onekama
Robb met Chelsea coming on the Badger Ferry from Manitowoc, WI to Ludington. The young women had been riding for 5 weeks to get there from OR. She's got several more as she heads to NY for her sister's wedding. Mostly camping and staying in homes that advertise through "Warm Showers." Power to you Chelsea!!!
Sherrie happily provides us cold water and a friendly face even though the bakery we're
longing for is not open on Mondays. Thanks Cindy.
Evan & Bea - our wonderfully helpful servers at Watervale
Jenny & Pat, two of our three hosts at Waterfall. The third, Dori, is missing from the photo

Will with Jim, Friends of Betsie Valley Bike trail President

Ranger Lauren and Tayler at Sleeping Bear Dunes Visitor Center

Will with Gwen, Ranger on Pierce Stocking Drive, Sleeping Bear Dunes 

Henry a road cyclist from Woodlawn, Mi at the Sleeping Bear Maritime Museum.
He keeps trying to ride the Pierce Stocking scenic drive, but hasn't yet made the 14% grade
without walking. Keeps tryin' though

Pam and Steve on the beach in front of the Sleeping Bear Maritime Museum.
Steve has been coming to the area in the summers for over 40 years.
Like Will, he finds it a place of police and refuge
Michelle, Allison and Sue - welcomed us at the Silvan Inn, Glen Arbor

Brad - providing through and efficient service at the .... Bike Shop in Glen Arbor

Dylan, our server at Knot Just a Bar on the Leelanau peninsula - he yearns to go too

Pat, Lisa and Fred at the Inland Seas Education Center in Sutton's Bay. Their mission to teach all of
us about the essential and delicate nature of our Great Lakes.. Came to find out that Pat & I worked
for the same company for decades and knew all the same people - SMALL world indeed

Bill & Julie Clark and wonderful family - our hosts in Traverse City. Met Bill through e-mail
while developing our routes. Julie is the executive director of the TART organization responsible for
all the wonderful bike trails in TC and up into the Leelanau peninsula. THANKS GUYS for EVERYTHING

Galya at the Blue Heron 2 - Traverse City - Maybe when she's old and retired like us she'll go off
on a bike adventure too.

A serendipitous find Brian Strickland glass artist and BICYCLE enthusiast in Traverse City.
He once road the top half of the lake in the opposite directions as we. Wish we could carry
some of his beautiful work home with us.

The Rummage Ladies of Through the Roof Mission Church, raising money for
Wheels for the World, a non-profit dedicated to providing wheel chairs to handicapped
folks in third world countries. They graciously allowed us to use their bathroom while we were
riding through a very rural section

Jim Datsko of the Cherry Capital Cycling Club showing us the best routes near Elk Rapids and beyond

Michael Seitz - re-making a stone mushroom house in Charlevoix, adding thatch to make it look more
"Hobbit Like" 

Mason and Lauren with the Inn at Bay Harbor where they plan to marry in September. All our good wishes go with you

Frank Shumway owner of the relaxingly inviting Birchwood Inn in Harbor Springs. Best of luck with
your invitational bike ride today. Thanks to for a wonderful stay

Tony in front of the Good Hart General Store on a half-day vacation from driving his boss all around the
northern part of Michigan. 
Dale, Peggy, Jane, Mort, Chris and Dick - all waiting with us in Mackinaw City for the ferry to
Mackinac Island. Dale & Chris are currently missionaries in Tanzania and the Congo. The other couples are
retired or "repurposed" missionaries with African Inland Missions and Christian Missions in
Many Lands. 

George has been coming to Mackinac Island for many years and spends most of his time
riding around the Island. He also gave us a GREAT restaurant recommendation, The Gate House.
Thanks George, we had a fabulous lunch
Mr. Patriotic Moose - encountered in St. Ignace just outside the Fr. Marquette Memorial Park
He's already lined up to lead several 4th of July Parades this year. Just not sure he can get the energy to move. :-)

Mark at the Northern Most Point Marker - he is writing a piece for the local newspaper,
 UP Second Wave, about biking in the UP. We were the first cyclists he's met in over a week.


  1. And thanks ever so much to Kerry and Mary for putting us up in Holland!

  2. Hey, you're doin' it! Nice meeting you -- I didn't have room for you guys in my story, but here it is: http://up.secondwavemedia.com/features/bicycling61010.aspx